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IRP is very pleased to be able to share a few of the affiliates that we can work closely with to make our partnerships, projects and activities come to life based on our clients needs.

Kelly Proudfoot .heic

Kelly Proudfoot

Throughout her career as a collaborator, strategist, event producer and activator Kelly Proudfoot has led national and international campaigns. She planned 189 celebrations across Canada for the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay; she coordinated a 110-day, 11,000-kilometre bike tour with Olympian and mental-health advocate Clara Hughes; and she managed the development of Beakerhead, a five-day arts and science festival that attracts more than 130,000 people to over 60 events throughout the city of Calgary.


The 2012 Arctic Winter Games first brought Kelly to the Yukon. Her job as Manager of Sponsorship and Marketing seeded a deep connection to the territory, and she now calls the Yukon home. Kelly joined the Yukon University Foundation team as Manager of Development in 2016. Through this role she strived to create mutually-beneficial partnerships with corporations and community groups that are both innovative and inclusive. 


Kelly, through both personal and professional means has found herself seeking a deeper understanding of the history for Indigenous people and  has a strong penchant for learning and being a part of the live, vibrant Indigenous cultures, ways of knowing, doing and being in present day. Through this journey, her passion to move things forward, and her skills in breathing life into ideas and projects she has found herself intertwined with the team at IRP Consulting and the two groups will collaborate on projects in which their skill sets complement one another. 

Gunta Business

Gunta Business is a fully Indigenous owned business and economic development agency, assisting Northern businesses and entrepreneurs in their business objectives and goals. To know more about Gunta business you can check their website: Gúnta Business ( 

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